Best 3 Apps to Draw on Screen in Windows


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I was recently preparing for a presentation that was supposed to take place over Skype (nothing special, a regular yearly CRM communications report for one of the clients), when I realized that it would be much easier to simply draw a few graphs directly on the screen, overlaying the slide, than explaining that “graph A will change in such and such ways if…” to the people who don’t like graphs and anything “techy” very much. My work laptop, although not being new, has a really fancy multi-touch screen that for some reason also comes with a stylus pen, so getting the hardware tools wasn’t an issue (frankly, I forgot about the stylus pen and went for my iPad stylus just to slowly realise how much of an idiot I was once I accidently noticed the red stylus top sticking out of the laptop side) — the issue was with software, as I’m still running Windows 7, and even though I’m sure there’s plenty of us out there, touch screen software for Windows 7 was never the priority for app developers.

iOS users have literally a swarm of drawing apps to choose from, while I began to realise that my idea wasn’t such a great one until, after hours of searching, I came across these brilliant apps that I’m listing below, so enjoy and drop me a line or two if you think this list should be expanded.

#1. Epic Pen


Being my #1 choice, this one seriously is epic. Look no further if you need an all-round free screen drawing tool. Sleek modern interface, simple install… it has everything. The downside is, it’s only available for Windows, which is a shame because I also really wanted to use it on my MacBook.


#2. Ardesia


Ardesia is pretty much the same as Epic Pen, but available for Windows and Linux, which means you can also try installing it on OS X. If you like open source projects, this is your choice.


#3. Mikogo (former ScreenMarker)

Last but absoultely never least is Mikogo. This is more of an all-in-one meetings and webinars app, than a simple screen drawing app — you can run it remotely from any browser, so it’s cross-platform, it has recording capabilities, a live chat, a session scheduler and a file transfer facility. The only downside is that you need to register, however it’s free, so that shouldn’t be an issue.


This is about it, really. Hope you already made your pick and don’t hesistate to drop us a few lines of feedback!